“Always push yourself harder, train harder, sweat, and, through that, you can reach your mind and really discover who you are. That helps build confidence and discipline. The first person you always face is yourself, and you must win this fight before you fight anyone else.”- Soshu Shigeru OyamaIt is summertime and as expected many people are enjoying the summer festivities, beaches, and just laying back in the sun.  Even even in the midst of summer fun.  We are still here training.

The benefit of small classes in the summertime is that usually provides an opportunity to have a more intimate environment where student and teacher can really grow together.  I have found that this has also been intimidating to students because there is no place to seek refuge.  As the Great Joe Lewis once said “you can run but you can’t hide”.  While this is true that there is no place to hide, small classes are not a bad thing.  This type of setting provides a great opportunity to  grow and mature in the art.

Karate is about pushing ourselves to our individual limit.  Small classes provide us with an opportunity to do just that.  These classes also afford us an opportunity to work on areas that may not be our favorite or strongest.”The important thing is understanding your body skill, and what
kind of abilities you have. Then, you build up the good parts, and push to improve the weak ones”.- Soshu Shigeru Oyama

I hope that everyone who reads this has a great summer.  We will be here eagerly awaiting all those who chose to continue to pursue the true meaning of the martial way through hard work and perserverence.    LOL
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